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Polyaromatic Compounds | USP® L11 Methods | Wide Range of Particles| Scale Up to Prep

The Cogent RP Phenyl Hexyl ™ columns are a Phenyl phase with a C6 linkage to the silica. They are used for Reversed Phase methods that have polyaromatic hydrocarbons, nitro-aromatics, benzene rings or other polar compounds including peptides.

These columns offer a somewhat different selectivity to the Cogent RP Phenyl phase due to the six carbon aliphatic linker (C6) which adds some extra hydrophobic selectivity to the pi-pi interactions.

Made with world class, high purity silica and a bonding technology that has been worked out over many years, these columns are among the finest, most reliable Phenyl phases available. Exhaustive, double End-Capping minimizes peak tailing,

Manufacturing with premium, all Stainless-Steel column hardware, allows us to pack the columns at much higher pressures to achieve highly efficient columns which produces better peak shapes and better resolution.

An excellent value, the Cogent RP Phenyl™ is a work-horse and "go to" column for many laboratories doing GMP or research HPLC and LCMS.

  • Click HERE for Specifications.

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Other sizes and configurations including Prep and Process Columns are available. Please contact Customer Service for details.

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